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Why Travel with Us?

We love Africa

Everyone at The Fly in Safari Company loves Africa, its people & cultures, the wildlife, landscapes and many natural wonders; in fact, we love absolutely everything about this amazing continent and want to share its magic with you. We share our love, respect and extensive knowledge of Africa through our specially designed guided and independent fly in safaris, tours and explorations.


Experts in African Travel

Everyone at the Fly in Safari Company has extensive travel experience and knowledge on the destinations we offer. With our crew in the field daily, we can provide accurate destination information that is important to consider before booking a tour. Popular examples include; water-level of the Victoria Falls, flood-level of the Okavango Delta, seasons (dry vs. rainy season), wildlife migrations and visa regulations name a few.


Accreditations and Memberships

SATSA (Southern Africa Tourism Services Association)
Cape Town Tourism


Financial Guarantee

As a SATSA member we can offer our clients a financial guarantee on their full or advance trip payment.


Reputable Tour Operator

We are a well established and reputable tour operator that grow at a steady rate each year. We are a member of various tourism organizations to give us credibility as a tour operator. The amount of return and referral clients we receive is testament to our exceptional service and tours.


Service Excellence

We have a reputation among our clients for our excellent and professional service. We believe in personalised service and look after each client as an individual. Many of our clients come back to travel with us year after year.


Client Support

Once you have booked a tour with The Fly in Safari Company you can rest assured. We offer a 24-hour client support service while on tour. While on one of our guided safaris then our guide will look after your needs with back-up from our operations. While on one of our Independent Safaris then our trusty ground handlers will look after your needs with 24 hour back up from our operations office.


Professional Guides

As required by law, all Fly in Safari Co. guides are qualified and legally registered through the relevant tourism organizations. Our naturalist guides are hand-picked to ensure a guided experience of the highest standard. True African specialists, our guides will provide you with an educational, enjoyable and memorable safari experience. Passionate about what they do, they will share their experiences, knowledge and love for Africa with you and become a lifelong friend.


Private Guided Safaris / Tours

Many of our tours and safaris are privately guided as our clients love the exclusivity and flexibility of having a private guide. This ensures the maximum flexibility on tour as the guide can plan free time around client interests. Having a private guide for the duration of your safari / tour also ensures that you will have a much more in-depth experience. Our private guided safaris are a true niche as our guides are all specialists.


First Aid and passenger liability

All our guides are trained first aiders that are qualified to perform basic first aid during the unlikely event of a medical emergency. On our guided tours, fly in safari or overland, there will be a fully stocked First Aid kit available to be used during minor medical emergencies. We include passenger liability insurance on all our guided safaris and tours.



Due to the nature of our guided tours being either private or in a small group, we have a strong focus on being an exclusive tour operator. Our guided fly in safaris is by far the most exclusive way of travelling in Africa. Attention to detail, flexibility, personalisation, quality and value are key elements that ensure our tours and safaris stand out.


Quality NOT Quantity

We offer private guided and small group safaris and tours where the guide can pay enough attention to each client as an individual thus not compromising the quality of the experience. Communication is personal and direct and not via a microphone. You do not need to raise your hand to ask your guide a question.


Experiential Travel

Our tours and safaris have a special focus on experiencing the ‘Natural World’ in its purest and most natural form. Whether it be tracking rare desert adapted wildlife in the Namib Desert, spending time with an indigenous tribe in a remote location, exploring the Okavango Delta on a dug-out canoe or being right in the middle of 2 million animals running across the African plains, you are not just the observer taking photographs, but 100% part of the experience.


Value for money safaris

We offer excellent value for money tours and safaris. Once you book with us you can sit back and relax while we do the rest. We look after everything; you just have to show up. The most important activities are included to give you the ultimate experience of the destinations you visit. We strive to offer fully inclusive tours and safaris where your main expenses will only be your souvenirs.


Responsible Tourism

By following strict responsible tourism guidelines, our tours and safaris have a positive impact on the wilderness areas and communities we visit. Taking full responsibility for the impact our tours have on the destinations we travel through, they are designed to support local communities and conservation efforts with the goal to create better places to live in and better places to visit. Our guides practice strict guidelines with regards to respect for local customs, traditions, nature and wildlife which are incorporated into the way our tours are conducted.

Opening Hours

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Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm
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